The Drago is a major innovation in the field of firefighting, as it offers a multifunction powerful fan with variable configuration, that projects water droplets / air / combination of water droplets, with fire retardant and foam concentrates class A or B, at great distances.  The Drago diversity fan and water droplets extinguish class A-B-C fire, cool ambient air, disperse smoke and toxic fumes and re-introduce oxygen deficient compartments.

The Drago is a ducted fan that generates a powerful and variable air column (displacement) 39000 CFM that oscillates side to side for wider coverage and elevates for greater distance. Automatic oscillation at pre-set arc is available.

Using a unique constant vaporization technology, the center nozzle (spider) design, either 14 or 16 water nozzles, results in a smooth performance curve by optimizing the water flow and fragmentation of the water droplets. From the three Spider attachment available(red-blue-red), pressure can flow ranging from 40 psi to 275 psi ( 210 kPa  to 1925 kPa) with a minimum flow rate of 53 Us gpm to 785 Us gpm ( 200 L/min to 2973 L/Min) at a minimum reach of 100 feet to 213 feet (30m to 65m).

This innovation maximizes the fragmentation of the water droplets for an optimal heat absorption, protection, larger coverage of surface area and extinguishment.  This technology has proven three times faster than conventional application and conversely 70 % less water and foam concentrates.

The Drago is an essential part of the tactical day to day operation in the fire service.

  • Ventilation
    • PPA
    • PPV
  • Structural
  • Exposure Protection
  • Hazmat
    • Vapor Dispersal
    • Decon
  • High Hazard
  • Chemical Process plant
  • Gas Process Plant
  • Roadways response
  • Wildland

Can be mounted on a variety of platforms:

  • Truck
  • Trailer
  • Stationary