The Drago is a major innovation in the field of firefighting because it offers a multifunction gun with variable configuration which efficiently projects a water / air / water + fire fighting agent (foam or encapsulating agent) mixture. at great distances in order to effectively carry out various maneuvers aimed at extinguishing a fire, cooling the ambient air or repelling smoke and toxic fumes, in order to effectively control various operations to extinguish a fire.

It is equipped with the very latest technical innovations and offers powerful and efficient functions.

The Drago is configurable and consists of a ducted fan, which can generate a powerful air column with variable or fixed air speed and spray angle. This, combined with a range of (Spider) 14 or 16 water nozzles, is able to deliver optimized water droplets to the fire source.

Using a unique constant vaporization technology, it differentiates itself from other products on the market. The unique center nozzle (spider) design results in a smooth performance curve with optimized water flow and droplet quality settings.

Powerful and flexible, the Canon Drago can equally well project its water spray to more than 100 ft (31 m) with a flow rate as low as 215 gpm (977.4 l / min) and a pressure of 40 psi ( 3 bar). ) and more depending on the different configurations, the Drago is designed for its efficiency and ease of use.

This technology relies on the projection of airborne water droplets of a specific size to provide an optimal heat exposure time and an optimum droplet surface area to volume ratio to efficiently transfer heat and promote heat transfer. evaporation before water has a chance to touch and collect on the ground.

This versatile fire control weapon is certainly fast becoming an essential part of the arsenal of any fire station or service, whether they serve the fields;

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Institutional

Can be mounted on a variety of platforms:

  • Truck
  • Trailer
  • Stationary