Founded in 2008, the company Drago-I.S.I. was a finalist for the “Young Entrepreneur 2009” prize at the MRC Thérèse-De Blainville. The company specializes in researching, developing, designing and manufacturing a fire extinguishing cannon called the “Drago”.

Drago-I.S.I. designed an hybrid and multifunctional cannon with controlled dispersion and projection of water and air. The “Drago” has a far superior efficiency compared to other systems on the market and will optimize water use, in addition to improve response time. This new strategic solution is available for fire departments in order to significantly reduce the costs of damage and the material and human resources deployed for major fires.

An effective system will save more lives by getting a more secure control of the fire fight. The concept of the barrel allows enormous heat absorption capacity (75%) to lower the flame temperature and intensity. Also, it uses three times less water than the fire hoses.

This innovative solution also reduces the environmental impacts of fires. In addition to causing extensive material damage, wildfires generate enormous quantities of toxic pollutants since the buildings are made of several different materials.