It is equipped with the latest technical innovations (Drago 32/14 *), which offer powerful and effective features.

The Pumper Drago is a major advance in the field of fire fighting, because we offer a multifunctional variable-configuration gun on a truck of your choice, allowing to project a water / air / foam or gel mixture at a great distance and in a way. Very extensive in order to effectively operate various maneuvers aimed at extinguishing a fire, cooling the ambient air and / or repelling the smoke.

The configurable Pumper Drago * consists of a powerful turbine generating a controllable flow rate and dispersion angle air beam, coupled with a network of nozzles projecting optimized diameter water droplets.

In addition, it is equipped with a pump (PTO), utility tank, storage space and much more. The Pumper Drago * is a multifunctional unit and essential for its efficiency and power, during intervention.

* The output diameter is 32 inches with a system of 14 nozzles.