The DRAGO 32/14.

The Drago 32/14* is equipped with the latest technical innovations and offers powerful and effective features.

The “Drago” is a major innovation in the firefighting field as it offers a multifunction cannon with a variable configuration which throws water, air or foam broadly and over long distances in order to effectively control various operations to extinguish a fire, cool the air and / or repulse smoke.

* The outlet diameter is 32 inches with a system of 14 nozzles.

The configurable Drago 32/14 consists of a ducted fan that can generate a powerful column of air with variable airspeed and spray angle. This, combined with an array of 14 water nozzles, are able to deliver optimized water droplets to the fire source.

This technology relies on projecting water droplets suspended in the air of an specific size to provide heat exposure time and an optimal droplet surface area to volume ratio to efficiently transfer heat and promote evaporation before the water has a chance to hit and pool on the ground.

Drago 32/14 *, with its efficiency and power, replaces several traditional hoses.