Drago-ISI Inc. introduces its all-new Drago integrated multifunctional pump truck, with a clear focus on different customer segments such as industrial, municipal and government. The gradual introduction of the new generation will begin with the Drago gun to a built-in pump (PTO) and will be followed by other variants of the truck.

The common denominator is that Drago-ISI Inc. has developed a wide range of options and solutions, which help to make it a unique and multifunctional truck to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, as well as to reduce downtime and intervention time.

Fire fighting tools have not changed much in the last decade. Although new technologies have been adopted, this is fundamentally an incredibly risky profession.  But, thanks to this 5 in 1 cannon, a team of firefighters can let his companion Drago take most of the heat, reduce risk exposures and regain control.

This turbine cannon remotely controlled can quickly capture heat, cool the air, expel smoke, discharge spray water, foam and finally gel at a distance of 100 feet (30 m) and up to 300 feet (90 m). To put it in perspective, he’s a very powerful fighter.

To help the firefighting team, the Drago is also remotely controllable. Firefighters are thus less exposed to the risk of fire and smoke, which allows Drago to control an area without fear of surprise explosions that would injure firefighters. Its ability to project foam, gel and water also makes it an invaluable asset during wildfires

This allows firefighters to take the lead when it comes to managing dangerous fires and other emergencies where firefighters cannot approach the flames safely. We can conclude how effective Drago will be in an industrial fire, and it will be of great value to our firefighters in the fight against all other important, dangerous and complex fires.

Drago-ISI Inc. plans to make DragoTruck its flagship product for worldwide deployment. Its competitive price means that it is actually a rather affordable technology given the benefits.